Friday, November 24, 2017
Garment Care

We have a full range of Garment Care solutions including:

Drycleaning and Wetcleaning equipment

Specialty garment finishing equipment

Electrolux “Lagoon” Woolmark wetcleaning system

Semi commercial ironing and pressing

ELS are proud to supply a large variety of equipment and a selection of our machines are described below.  Please contact ELS to discuss your requirements.






A modern alternative to drycleaning providing an environmentally friendly option for a wide variety of garments.  Please view Wetcleaning equipment specifications and contact ELS to discuss your options.


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ELS can supply drycleaning equipment for a more traditional clean.  Please view specifications for drycleaning equipment and contact ELS to discuss your requirements.


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Finishing Equipment




ELS can supply a wide range of finishing equipment.  Please contact ELS to discuss your requirements.


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