Friday, November 24, 2017
On Premises Laundry Equipment

Electrolux is the worlds number one On Premises Laundry (OPL) supplier and ELS supply to: 

both public and private healthcare

accommodation and hospitality

food processing


government and defence

marine applications

ELS are proud to stock a large variety of equipment and a selection of our machines are described below.  Please contact ELS to discuss your requirements.

Washer / Extractors

We stock a variety of washer/extractors.  View specifications for the following washer/extractors:

Normal Spin '100g'
Super Spin
High Spin
"Barrier" Washer
Controller (MP)

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Tumble Dryers





At ELS we can supply tumble dryers to handle any challenge.  View specifications for our range of tumble dryers.

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Roller Ironers


When perfect flatwork ironing is a must, Electrolux ironers provide you with increased productivity, absolute reliability and the results both you and your customers are looking for.  View specifications for roller ironers.

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Electrolux "Professional" Washer & Dryer

Providing a lower cost front loading alternative.  View specifications for the Electrolux "Professional" Washer & Dryer.

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Process Validation System

The easy to use Certus Mangement Information System (CMIS) software helps you to:


minimise costs
maximise uptime
show a job well done


by giving you vital statistics from your laundry equipment enabling you to examine and optimise the performance of your network of washer/extractors, tumble dryers and ironers.  View the specifications for CMIS and contact ELS to discuss your requirements.

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Top Load Washers & Dryers


ELS are the New Zealand agent for the Econ-o-wash/dry manufactured in the US by Alliance Laundry Systems USA.  Coin operated machines can be supplied if required.  View specifications for the Econ-o-wash/dry.


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